Integration with the Files App on iOS

I just installed the app on iOS. Now what should I do after that? :slight_smile:

Can I copy, paste, move, download, upload, etc, files and folders for it to be useful? I see only one option: Upload File! I sure hope this does not mean that if have a folder with 10000 files and various sub-folders, I have to select and upload files one by one and reproduce the directory structure manually. Frankly, that would be a joke :slight_smile:

Nice app, but when can we talk about integration with the iOS Files App? Any temporary workaround for now?

Also, if I select 100 files one by one and press upload, only 10 are uploaded and the upload is terminated. Why?

We’ll then it is me who’s telling the bad news :frowning:

only files so far

I’m afraid that it does.I recommend to upload such an amount of files via the Desktop app.
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This issue is still open:
As far as I know there’s no “workaround” to iOS file app integration.

I just like to add we are working on iOS Files integration currently. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update!

Any idea when approximately that would be available in the App Store?

Hallelujaaa :hugs::hugs::hugs:

And about file uploads, you can possibly reduce the problem by creating ZIP files on iOS and upload those.
Not deal, but it can help sometimes

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