Cryptomator integration with iOS file app


Hi, when opening a file in a crypto vault, for example a word document, to be able o modify it you need to ‘send’ it to word. Word opens it as a reading only file, so you need to save a copy to be able to edit it.
Saving a copy from word doesn’t allow to select the same crypto vault to do it.
In general, even with a new document, word is not able to select a crypto vault as destination.


Yeah, this is a major bugbear of mine, too. Without integration into the iOS, Cryptomator is sadly not usable on iPhone or iPad.


Whilst not the intention of this app’s developer… are there alternative apps for iOS that are capable of providing me with end-to-end self-managed encryption [keys] of all files, even while editing a document in any iOS app, and without having to copy / paste between different storage services where my data is likely decrypted while editing the files?

It would seem a FUSE-like abstracted iCloud Drive with self-managed keys would be ideal.