Installation Error!

Complete noob here! I tried installing Cryptomator today and the installer threw back this error:

cryptomator error

I clicked OK and it installed, but I have no idea what it’s asking me to do, and now I’m concerned that this is going to impact usability or security.

It’s on a Windows 10 Asus X453MA laptop. I’ve installed Cryptomator, but I’ve not set up any vaults yet until I get the OK from someone who knows what they’re doing!

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See here: Cryptomator installer is unable to write to hosts file

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Your etc\hosts file is probably protected by some anti virus software. As explained in the article linked by Michael, MS Office may not work as expected when you want to edit a document located in a Cryptomator vault. Other than this, you have nothing to worry about. It’s a mere warning.

Hi Michael, thanks for the link - I’ll update this thread once I make this amendment.

Hi Sebastian, thanks for the explanation. So would the potential Office issue be fixed by this amendment to the hosts file? Or is it something that happens with Cryptomator anyway? I’ll make the amendment when I’m back at my work machine and update this thread.
Thank you

Hi there,
Is this the right thing to do please? I’ve never had to amend the HOSTS file before. I haven’t saved these changes yet, I just uploaded this to illustrate. Additionally, do I need a “tab” space between the “” and the “cryptomator-vault”?


As asked above - would this amendment fix the potential Office issues? Or is it something that happens with Cryptomator anyway?

Many thanks

Looks good! It doesn’t matter if you have a space or a tab between ip and hostname. Any whitespace works.

This fixes the Office issue.

Hi Sebastian, mission successful - thank you!

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