Improvement of UI Usability

it seems to me that the UI is not fully consistent.

The two buttons + / - below the vault list refer to an individual vault.
The button “Setting” (star) refers to the setting of the Cryptomator as a whole.

…and: To change the password of a vault you need a right-click on the vault … that does not seem to me intuitive enough. I am missing a button to change the settings of a single vault.

What I can imagine, what would be helpful:

  1. Move the “Setting” (star) button to a place not below the safes… to make clear that the function is a basic Cryptomator function.
  2. Insert a new button that displays the list of available functions of the selected vault (“Change password” at the moment)
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Thanks for your good suggestions, you might want to join the discussion over here:

Great. I am happy to be able to contibute…

I did take a look to the new UI. To me new UI is an improvement of the intuitive usability…

I am looking forward to the new version :wink: