Identifying unencrypted file in encrypted vault for backup restore purposes


I didn’t find an answer yet to the following, but if it’s already there, please forgive this extra question.

Cryptomator uses it own directory structure for it’s vaults which gives me headaches for handling backups. This is on macOS, but likely holds true for other systems, too.

I had a data file loss with the Vault just recently. A program was trying to write to the vault but it got out-locked. Once the vault came back, the app was writing a 0-byte file => data lost.

So I was thinking: how can I restore a single file easily without having to restore the whole vault?

So my question: is there an easy way to work on file level with a vault to identify which unencrypted file in the unencrypted mounted file system corresponds to an scrambled filename in the encrypted vault so one can restore the at file easily with a backup tool?

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See here: Decryption of single file or directory - #3 by infeo

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