How to sync a vault to a local folder under linux

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I’m not sure my thread title is good enough to explain my question so let me expand a bit.

I am using cryptomator on android, Win10 and OS X. I have vaults on Dropbox and Onedrive. IT all works very well so far.

I would now like to also have a local, unencrypted copy of these vaults on my nas (running debian 10) so that I can access it locally and offline too, as well as for backup purposes.

Ideally, the solution would not depend on the 3 clients (android, win 10, OS X) I mentioned but would run directly on my nas, preferably inside a docker container.

Now before I start fiddling around maybe someone has a similar setup or some pointers for me on how to get this done?

Bonus points if this solution could not only download and sync these vaults back to their origin but also between providers :slight_smile: so basically I’d have vault A on provider 1+2 and a local copy, while vault B would only exist on provider 2 and a local copy.

This sounds a bit like git-annex from but I don’t need a git structure and I never got that thing setup as it was supposed to be.

I sync one way from my NAS to a vault.
I use “rsync” which is bundled with most distributions. there is a GUI tool for it called GRsync which can be added to debian with apt install grsync

I always mount vaults and NAS shares with persistent paths, eg /home/myname/CryptoVault1 and /home/myname/NASshare1.

I synchronise with something like rsync -r -t -v --delete --progress /home/myname/NASshare1/ /home/myname/CryptoVault1

When experimenting with rsync, start without the delete parameter and ALWAYS use the --dry-run option to do a test without copying any data. Rsync is fast and very destructive if used incorrectly.

hope this gives you some pointers.

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You managed to confuse me. I know how to sync with rsync and similar tools BUT I don’t know how to access the vault. My NAS should contain the unencrypted version of what is lying in my encrypted vaults.

Am I missing your point somehow?

OK, I guess you’Re somehow accessing your vaults, I guess there should be a linux version of cryptomator available for you to do so?
Found it:

Except I don’t see a Debian version and the Ubuntu versions all say mode supported. I need a plain cli solution, is this also included?

I had incorrectly assumed you were aware of/using the linux version.

There is currently no cryptomator-cli version which works with the latest vault formats.
If you have a desktop installed you may be able to run the linux Appimage version.

I see, thanks for trying to help out. Like I said, I only run Linux on my NAS and obviously just cli.

No problem, I just have to properly think through my desired strategy, maybe there’s a better solution for what I am trying to achieve.

Also here a short heads-up in case it was missed: