How to get the app without Play Store?

Hi there,

I would like to buy the Android version of Cryptomator. But it is only available on Google Play Store, and I haven’t a Google account (and the Play app) in my device, and don’t want it.
So, how can I get the app ? Is there another way to do that ?

Thank you in advance.

Unfortunately there is no way to receive the app without a google account.
Additional info:

Too bad :tired_face:

So, I will try to find it on another market (hoping that the application is really good, not modified with crapware). Then I will make a donation, instead of buying on Play.

Thank you @Michael for your answer.

Sh*t, people around me have a Google account, but nodoby want to pay on Play store to get the app :pensive:

Hi again,

To by the app without to give credit card data to Google, I think to buy a gift card to buy the app, and get it back from the phone of a friend.

I have a few questions :

  • after that, will the app be linked to his Google account ?
  • does the Android app need some Google services to run ? I have no Google service on my Android (AOSP), so I want to be sure it could work well, to see the encrypted files stored in the cloud
  • If I change of phone, will I can reuse the app ? Or it requires I buy it again ?

Thank your for your answers.

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I’m thinking about buying the app, unfortunately I am using an open source version of Android with no play store.
Will the app will be available as a .apk or available in an open source store . Ill be very glad to donate the price of the app ?

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the delivery of the apps is only possible via the official stores.
But, this statement was given right now

Full post: 100% price increase?

We’ll see whats the results will be.

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Did the idea of a distribution (and 100% of the benefits for you) move forward?

Yes. See here: Downloads and select android for apk.

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