How to get shorter file pathes

Hi Support,

I’m new to cryptomator and moved here from Boxcryptor, running Win10. I got everything setup allright except one minor problem:

I choose WebDav when installing and in the Windows Explorer I got this real long cryptomator drive name, something like:

In the Explorer I already shortend that drive name to „MichaCrypto (Y:)“ and in some places a file path now will be shown as expected: Y:\Heidelberg\Verwaltung

But in others, namely Office 365, it will show as :

Is there any way to get a consistant file path just using the drive letter (Y:) as in Y:\Heidelberg\Verwaltung ??

Thanks for your help, Michael


I recommend using WinSFP (FUSE) instead of Webdav.
Webdav has some issues you might want to avoid.
Furthermore FUSE does show up as a drive letter.
If you want to have always the same drive letter for your vault, you can configure this in the vault settings.

If you want to stick with WebDAV, I am not aware of anything that let you change the appearance in explorer.

Hi Michael,
Thanks for your superfast reply. Folloing your suggestion I searched the forum for something like “how to change an existing installation from WebDAV to WinSFP (FUSE)” - but could not really find anything. Do you know about any info on how to change?
Thanks, michael (too)

Here we go: WinFSP: How to use it

Hi Michael,
Thanks for the link about how to change to WinSFP (FUSE). It worked out nicely but I would suggest to add two more points to the helpfile:

  1. After changing from WebDAV to Fuse you have to restart your computer to make the altered path show up in the explorer.
  2. At least in my case I dont see nomore place to change the drive letter like in WebDAV. After the change it just stayed with (Y:) like in WebDAV which is fine for me but not really what the manual said ?
    Anyway thanks a lot, Michael

This is also possible with FUSE.
Please check again. the drive configuration is done in the vault settings (yellow frame), not in the app settings (red frame)

You are perfectly right - I missed that the vault has to be locked to change the driveletter.