How to find the encrypted file of a certain unencrypted file?


say I have an unencrypted file inside a Cryptomator drive. How can I find out where the encrypted version is located?


Cryptomator does not offer such a feature.

That said, there are ways. The easiest is, if your vault is synced to a cloud, to look into the latest changes of your sync protocol. If the vault is stored locally, you can look at the different time stamps (last modified, last access and creation) of the file and filter all encrypted files accordingly.

Addendum: We also have feature request to not encrypt filenames

Yes, this is a huge hassle if you need to do a prior version restore of one or more files in a folder. One reason I use OneDrive is robust version control. Yes, I could generate a benign change in a file of interest in order to see what file gets uploaded to OneDrive, but that’s really lame. What if I need to restore many files?

Having said that, I understand this is basically free, so I can’t complain as much as I would. :slight_smile:

Hi - for me this was the reason I stopped using Cryptomator (but still interested in!!).

I had several issues when syncing the local vault to the “new” Telecom cloud.
During sync I received several very cryptic issues on files that could not been synchronized.

But because of the file- and directory name encryption I was not able to find out which files have to be fixed. Finally I used Boxcryptor and found the issues in missing file meta-data and missing descriptions.

Clear, “that should not happen normally” - but it will.

I see that the issue of decreasing security is an essential thing which I really would follow. But there is an absolute need for helpful tools when it comes to “file trouble”.

Would be very interested in some follow-ups …



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