[Feature Request] Unscrambled filenames for single-file recovery


Hello, I am a brand new community member and Cryptomator user.
IMHO, this software is truly a masterpiece: well-thought, fast, smooth, with a great interface.

However, still IMHO, it will be largely unusable until an easy way will be provided to quickly restore a file (or a set of files) from an online backup. After all, restoring files is the only reason to have an online backup, isnt’it?
It would be different if the files were encrypted, but the filenames were not.
With un-scrambled filenames, picking the right files to restore would be a breeze.

Having un-scrambled file names as an option could become a feasible option in the future?
Thanks in advance


Hi and welcome! :wave:

This isn’t a new feature request and technically it will be feasible. We haven’t fully decided which way to go, yet. Context menu integration in Windows Explorer, Finder, etc might be elegant but we will probably prefer a platform-independent approach that might involve dragging a decrypted file into some part of the Cryptomator UI to reveal the corresponding encrypted counterpart.

The technical parts of this feature are discussed with other open source devs on GitHub:


Hi overheadhunter, thanks for replying.
Glad to see that this idea is already under discussion.
As the first Github question you quote already suggests, I tend to believe that encrypting filenames should be a choice that any user should make when creating a new Vault.

If you plan to store in a Vault highly sensitive data, you should choose the “Encrypted filenames” option.
Otherwise, you may choose “Unecnrypted filenames”: less privacy, greater ease of restore.
(I think Cloudfogger used to do that, if I’m not wrong.)

I’ll stay tuned for that - it’s so fundamental IMHO. Bye!


How is the status? I need this function too. It’s very important for backups.


Making the name encryption an option upon creation of the vault would be the killer feature.
Reasons are as already mentioned - ease of restoring previous versions of files using web UI of the cloud provider.

Please do consider it for the nearer future <3

Thanks in advance!