How to decrypt individual file


It seems it should be possible to decrypt an individual file, even if the filename or folder location cannot (easily) be recovered.

Is this possible? If not, why not? If yes, how?

Thank you!

No its not.
The encrypted files are organizes in a vault.
To decrypt a file it has to be in a vault, and the vault mounted to cryptomator app.

From a technical side, it is possible due to the Cryptomator encryption scheme.

There is just no software, which has implemented such a feature.

Thank you for your responses, sincerely appreciated.

But why wouldn’t it be enough to have all the necessary keys and passwords along with a simple (command line?) decryption executable? I am guessing the problem here is my total lack of understanding of how encryption works :frowning_face: - and if that’s the case, then that’s all I need to know. :rofl:


If you throw flour, water, yeast, tomatoes and cheese on your kitchen floor, do you get Pizza? No. You have to prepare pizza dough, you have to mush the tomatoes, you have to cut the cheese, etc…, possibly in a specific order.

It is the same with encryption or programming in general. There is a recipe/orderd list of steps you have to folllow. Software is the execution of such steps. And as I said before, up to now no one created software following the recipe with the heading “Decrypt a single file encrypted with the Cryptomator encryption scheme”.

There are file level encryption apps. For example you can get gpg for free on almost any platform. Or 7zip on windows has encryption.

Cryptomator is not that. It encrypts a bunch of files together. Think of it as a physical vault (like a safe). You put a bunch of stuff in there. When it is unlocked, you can access anything inside. when it is locked you can’t access anything inside. If you told me you wanted a particular thing inside, then i would have to unlock the whole vault to get it. It tends to be a lot more convenient to encrypt a lot of files inside a vault and when the vault is unlocked on windows or linux, you can access access any of the files in the vault with any app on your device.

Depending on your purpose, you can use both. Maybe I’m paranoid but I gpg encrypt some of my more sensitive files inside of my cryptomator vault. It’s an extra layer of protection for one thing. But also if I decide to move that file outside of the cryptomator vault, it lands outside already encrypted in gpg (the unencrpted version never hits my cloud or local storage).

Thanks for the explanations.