How to retrieve deleted data from Cryptomator vault?

I have a Cryptomator vault which is synced to Mega drive through MEGAsync Linux.
Once after I added some files to a directory in the vault, it created another directory with same name, so I deleted one of them. But both the directories got deleted.

I downloaded the vault from Mega drive to check if data could be retrieved, and found both the directories were deleted from there but were in the recycle bin of Mega drive in encrypted form.

Is there any way to add those data into the vault and get back the decrypted data ?

Take a look at this thread - How to decrypt individual file.

Thanks for the pointer.

Should I conclude that the data can’t be decrypted !

Is Mega drive able to restore those files/folders to the exact location where it was located before? If so do it and everything should be fine again.

Otherwise you could still restore it but it would require some more work because filenames and file types would get lost. If required let me know and I’ll share info about that.

Sorry for being late.

Mega isn’t able to restore that directory inside the vault, rather restoring parallel to the vault. Hence the decryption problem.

I downloaded and tried to decrypt the deleted dir after adding to the vault, but that didn’t work.

It would be great to know the trick to restore it either within Mega drive or at local drive.
Please share the info. Thanks in advance.