How to copy folders into Cryptomator on iOS?

It looks like only individual files (one by one) can be copied into a Cryptomator vaults in the iOS App. Is there a way to copy folders (potentially with sub-folders) at once?

Unfortunately, Cryptomator vaults do not show up in the Files App. Is there a way to do this?

Hi. Unfortunately there is actually no folder upload function in the iOS app.

When can we expect to have this feature available? It is making it very difficult to use the app from iOS.

Alternatively, we could have the app accept a ZIP file, and uncompress it before upload the the cloud provider.



Do you know why it is not specified in App Store ? Do you share my opinion : almost no noob/non tech/ new comers would pay or even download this app if they know they can’t encrypt their folders right ?
It is just wasting bandwidth and creating carbon print for nothing. Guys, personnaly I love this situation, I mean this is almost a joke. I am also pretty glad to give money to support such important project, but this can’t be real :man_shrugging:t2:

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