Integration with iOS Files app

Hi, when opening a file in a crypto vault, for example a word document, to be able o modify it you need to ‘send’ it to word. Word opens it as a reading only file, so you need to save a copy to be able to edit it.
Saving a copy from word doesn’t allow to select the same crypto vault to do it.
In general, even with a new document, word is not able to select a crypto vault as destination.

Yeah, this is a major bugbear of mine, too. Without integration into the iOS, Cryptomator is sadly not usable on iPhone or iPad.

Whilst not the intention of this app’s developer… are there alternative apps for iOS that are capable of providing me with end-to-end self-managed encryption [keys] of all files, even while editing a document in any iOS app, and without having to copy / paste between different storage services where my data is likely decrypted while editing the files?

It would seem a FUSE-like abstracted iCloud Drive with self-managed keys would be ideal.

I just installed the app on iOS. Now what should I do after that? :slight_smile:

Can I copy, paste, move, download, upload, etc, files and folders for it to be useful? I see only one option: Upload File! I sure hope this does not mean that if have a folder with 10000 files and various sub-folders, I have to select and upload files one by one and reproduce the directory structure manually. Frankly, that would be a joke :slight_smile:

Nice app, but when can we talk about integration with the iOS Files App? Any temporary workaround for now?

Also, if I select 100 files one by one and press upload, only 10 are uploaded and the upload is terminated. Why?

We’ll then it is me who’s telling the bad news :frowning:

only files so far

I’m afraid that it does.I recommend to upload such an amount of files via the Desktop app.
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This issue is still open:
As far as I know there’s no “workaround” to iOS file app integration.

I just like to add we are working on iOS Files integration currently. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update!

Any idea when approximately that would be available in the App Store?

Hallelujaaa :hugs::hugs::hugs:

And about file uploads, you can possibly reduce the problem by creating ZIP files on iOS and upload those.
Not deal, but it can help sometimes

Desperately waiting for this to be ready. Wonderful development!


Any update on iOS integration?

Which version it’s going to be?

No big news yet. We’re making progress and the next news will probably be a public beta test. Unfortunately, no ETA of that yet either. Currently, it’s planned to be version 1.6.0.

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Update on this? When will it be useful in iOS?

Will the new iOS app continue to address cloud providers directly or are you now also (like on windows already) following the approach to keep Cryptomator as simple as possible and let the OS manage the cloud providers? As I understand [1], this should work for every provider with a corresponding app. In addition there are already apps which integrate WebDAV, SMB, FTP, SFTP, etc. so you don’t have to worry about that either and that would also solve the problems with different accounts from the same cloud provider e.g. multiple OneDrive accounts for private and work and shared folders from OneDrive for Business.

If it remains with the direct integration, I would suggest and be very happy about Koofr [2] (and / or Syncthing [3] (respectively Möbius [4] as Syncthing for iOS respectively on device storage)).

[1] -

[2] -

[3] -

[4] -

We will do both. For that, we’re working on this library:

You can add feature requests there if you’d like to see a direct integration of other cloud storage services.

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Is file integration and caching for offline use in beta?

How to install it? Don’t see it in App Store.

If you want to install beta apps on iOS you have to use TestFlight.
See here Cryptomator 2.0 for iOS: Open Source and Beta Release

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