How to connect Storj S3?

Hello, has anyone gotten Storj connected? They offer significant free storage.

Creating the bucket required a passphrase that isn’t asked for in Cryptomator.

Region us-east-1

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Do you use an encrypted bucket? If so create one without encryption.

You can also enable debug mode, reproduce the problem and send us the log file (How do I enable debug mode on Android?), maybe this brings some light into it or you provide us test credentials, than we can directly look into the issue.

Hi! Thank you for helping me. Have you tried Storj? I can’t figure out how to make an unencrypted bucket and am starting to suspect it isn’t possible with this provider. It’s a shame because it’s 75 free GB.

No, have not tried it but if that is not possible our mobile apps will not work in the current implementation and it doesn’t make much sense to change it because encrypting something multiple times doesn’t really help much…

Thanks… Yeah I get that, but I don’t trust it like Cryptomator. I just treat it as unencrypted, like MEGA. I’ll access it with rclone and use Cryptomator on the desktop. I don’t trust rclone crypt as much as Cryptomator. Unfortunately I’ll accept no mobile access, but maybe one day can use Android document provider with RCX and Cryptomator.

Storj user.

Can confirm it works well with iOS devices.

Can you see the vault in the browser?

I had an existing bucket set up and uploaded a couple unencrypted test files via the browser.

Then I connected via the Cryptomator iOS app and created a vault. I uploaded a file via Cryptomator app. Then I went back to the bucket in the browser and the vault files don’t show.

Storj does not seem to connect on Android though, which is what I would prefer to use instead of iOS.


If I’m reading correctly, you unlocked the vault on iOS files and then uploaded your files there?

Your files will show up encrypted on Storj. Depending on the size of the file, it may take some time for it to show. If you have a lot of files ensure you have selected on the Cryptomator app ‘Unlock Duration’ - ‘Indefinite’ and then change it back once your files have been uploaded. Unfortunately iOS is unclear on the timeframe for each file being uploaded.

I don’t use Android.

Storj is working with the apk from the Cryptomator website. F-Droid was not working. Does it use proprietary code like the Google connection?

Another weird issue… I had 3 different S3 storage providers working on Android, but they no longer all work. They have been failing to connect in different combinations. Error is no such bucket.

Storj, backblaze and idrive e2

In same evening, all worked, then for a bit only idrive worked. Now only storj does.

All three continue to work on iOS, so it seems the Android app has S3 issues…

We found two bugs in the S3 implementation, one is fixed and available in the latest beta, the other one we’re currently on. Give us a few more days and you will get a test version that hopefully solves all problems.

Excellent! Thanks. I noticed something else today. After force quitting the app (swiping), I can open any of the three S3 vaults from any of the three providers. Then the other two cannot be accessed until I force quit. Then I can choose any of the three again. I don’t even have to unlock the vault to trigger this. Just tapping once and bringing up the dialog to enter the password will cause the “choice”.

I’m sorry you run into this bug, it is exactly what we fixed in Using multiple cloud connections of the same type causes the second connection to use the connection parameters of the first one · Issue #460 · cryptomator/android · GitHub but this version isn’t published yet. We are working on it!