How to automatically close Cryptomator after startup?

In the meantime, I feel very confident using Cryptomator on my PC. So, I would even like the Cryptomator window to close automatically after windows startup–or not to show up at all: a tray icon is all I need to know it’s working. This does not seem to be a configurable feature yet. Could it be added in a future release? Or have I overlooked something?

Hi. There is no such function in Cryptomator at the moment, but if you are on a Windows machine, you can start every app minimized.

Hi. Thanks for the suggestion, but it does NOT work! I set the appropriate option of the Cryptomator link (“start minimised”) --it still opens a normal window… May be I will try to configure it to “run as a service”?

I think this is a feature request that should be mentioned in the 1.5.0 redesign thread. There is a tendency towards having Cryptomator to focus more on being a “tray icon app”. If you want to support this, make your voice heard. :wink: