How to access cloud files in linux without to have synchronize files locally


How can i fetch my data on linux without to have synchronize files locally. I know i can do this on windows with Mountain Duck / Cyberduck.

But how can i do this with linux?
Also I know there is a command line version of cyberduck, but i want to stream video files to vlc player. How is this also possible with linux?

thanks for your help

hello can someone help?

Here’s how I do this with Onedrive:

  1. Create a set of folders as mount points for my Cryptomator vaults
  2. Open Cryptomator and set the individual custom mount points to match the folders under #1
  3. Use rclone to mount my Onedrive folder
  4. Open the vaults in Cryptomator
  5. Access the content via the folders defined under #1

Pretty slow, but given that I use this only for backup purposes I am ok with it.
I use rsync to copy the backup content which produces some strange issues at times (not able to copy files), but I think this is rather down to the way rclone mounts Onedrive than Cryptomator. Haven’t spend the time to investigate yet…

I am testing this at the moment with google-drive-ocamlfuse. It works, but you need to make sure all files have been uploaded before you close the vault or turn off your system. I am using the gnome extension Simple net speed to monitor large uploads.

It would be great to find a solution that gives a notification when uploads are complete, or even wit Nautilus integration.