Ubuntu 18.04: Cryptomator vault stored in Google Drive but not locally?

Is it possible some how to have access to a Cryptomator virtual drive but have the actual encrypted vault stored only in Google Drive and not taking up space on the local drive? Perhaps downloading files only when I try to access them etc?

I use Insync at the moment to sync my files. I can selectively unsync folders, so that they are still in Google Drive, but no longer visible on my local drive, but I have not yet found away to stop a local directory from taking up space while still leaving it browsable - perhaps using some kind of aliases or shortcuts to the files on Google Drive, only downloading when I try to access them.

Maybe this helps: How to access cloud files in linux without to have synchronize files locally


Google File Stream should work also. (cannot test it and say for sure)

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Hi Michael, thank you for that, but as the poster mentions this is pretty slow and there are issues with copying.

Google File Stream should work, but unfortunately it is not available for linux.

I also installed Google-drive-ocamlfuse, which I understand does not sync files from google drive to the local drive, instead links to these files, downloading files on-the-fly and uploading when changes are made. I created a Cryptomator vault inside where google-drive-ocamlfuse had my google drive mounted. When using Nautilus file manager to move some video files then into the vault - the original video file location, google-drive-ocamlfuse mount point, and cryptomator virtual drive mount point are all on the same local drive) the first file moves quickly, then the progress bar stops moving for several minutes before copying the next file quickly and stopping again.

I plan to perform the same test just using a Cryptomator vault on my local drive not using any kind of syncing, and then using Insync. If there are no issues moving files, it means the problem is with google-drive-ocamlfuse and I can see if there are some config changes that might help.

Any input appreciated.

So setting the vault where Insync has my Google Drive mounted works much better, there is no stalling in encryption and transferring files into the virtual drive BUT unfortunately as far as I know, with Insync you have to download the entire vault to your local drive to make changes or even browse it.


google-drive-ocamlfuse and encryption?

and here on Insync forums:

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