How do I make it automatically encrypt everything in an existing folder?

Hi guys, I’m new to this product and not super techie so hoping someone can explain this to me.

My Google Photos and Google Drive are synced, so in my Google Drive, there is a “Google Photos” folder, where automatically, any photos added to my google photos account, are then uploaded to that folder.

My Goal:
How do I make it so Cryptomator automatically encrypts everything that is uploaded to that folder automatically as soon as Google adds to it?

I understand how I would add a NEW folder in my google drive, and manually add stuff to it, which would then be encrypted, but I don’t understand how I get Cryptomator to sit on top of an existing folder, and just encrypt everything in there, and everything added to it, automatically.

Can someone explain? Thanks!

In Short: you can’t.
Cryptomator is not designed to encrypt existing data in an online storage. You have to encrypt the data local (eg on you phone or desktop) before uploading it to the online storage. This is for a good reason: not at any time an unencrypted file should arrive online.
And this is only possible if you do the encryption before uploading.