How do I auto-sync non-encrypted C drive files into the encrypted Cryptomator vault drive?

Hello everyone. I am brand new to Cryptomator and encrypting my cloud files in general so please forgive my ignorance. I tried searching for this answer in the archives but could not find it. Perhaps I was not using the right keywords. I have found Cryptomator’s default documentation to be a bit lacking but perhaps I just missed this.

I have set up Cryptomator to auto-sync files in its vault drive on my PC to Google Drive (the encrypted versions). I deleted all of my non-encrypted files off of Google Drive and desynced my C drive folders from Google Drive so now only the encrypted vault remains in my Google Drive.

I have noticed one shortcoming that I haven’t seen a setting for or a way to account for so far. When I add new files to my computer’s C drive, I noticed that Cryptomator does not add them to my Cryptomator vault drive. I want any new files that I add to, for example, documents, to be automatically added to the vault as well so they will be uploaded (encrypted) to my Google Drive. I don’t want to have to drag and drop all the folders I want encrypted and uploaded to Google Drive since I can be forgetful for weeks at a time. Am I missing something? Is there a way to do this within Cryptomator or must I add some sort of additional program?


You need a backup or sync tool to do that. This is not a function of cryptomator desktop. It does only the encryption of files.
I use this tool to sync my files into several vaults: What tool do you use to automatically unlock your cryptomator vault and sync the files in your vault with the local copies of those files?

Ah, thank you for this information!