How can I recover my folders uncrypted after closing a vault?

How can I recover my folder(s) uncrypted (in the non encrypted structure) if I decide to close a vault? (e.g. there is this option with Boxcryptor by uncrypting the root with a right click). Is it possible with Cryptomator?

Thank you

Edit: the only way I found is to copy the entire vault content and then paste it to the non encrypted structure, then delete the vault and finally delete the d forder in the non encypted structure

Mhm, not sure if I got your intention, but why don’t you just open your vault again if you want to access your unencrypted files?

No. You have to ad the vault to Cryptomator app (if not already connected) and then open the vault in the Cryptomator app.

Thank you, that’s was my feeling.
The intention was : if I decided to close a vault and go back to my original folders (let say on OneDrive) because I decided they don’t need to be encrypted any more, how do I uncrypt them (without having to go through the vault, which I want to close)

Ah, ok. No that’s not possible. You can only decrypt your files with Cryptomator system. Either the Cryptomator app, or (if you want to access your files directly in OneDrive) with 3rd party app cyberduck, which has the Cryptomator technology included.
(See here: How do I use Cryptomator without local sync?)