Handling an existing Google Drive account?

I have a significant amount of data on my Google Drive (a few 100GB). It was extremely painful to upload all of this, due to Google’s API bs. In any case, I don’t want them (Google or their third parties) indexing my information.

My question is, with Cryptomator (or something else), how do I handle this on existing data on Google Drive?

I’m going to guess that Cryptomator or other products will create a remote encrypted drive and do some translation between the client and server to interact with the data. Maybe I’m wrong.


You can not encrypt existing online Data with a local encryption (cryptomator) without having the data local.
That means, if you want to encrypt your existing data, you’ll have to download it (if not already available local), encrypt it and upload (sync) it again to your cloud storage.

Cryptomator desktop creates encrypted files local, that are synced via your storage providers client to the storage. Cryptomator is designed so that your provider never has access to unencrypted data.

Maybe this tutorial will interest you, or you might want to have a look at the Documentation:

Google has an API that might facilitate a feat like what I described, provided you had enough space to play with. Execute remote commands to read the file, then pass through a custom algorithm and encrypt, then write, etc. Probably not worth the effort.

I will check out the video/docs thank you.