Guidance Needed: Best approach to get ~1TB of Cryptomator data into Box

Hi, I’m running Cryptomator v1.5.17 on Win8.1, syncing to Box via Box Sync (older sibling of Box Drive) since Box Drive doesn’t run on Win8.1 :frowning:

The problem here is Box Sync supports syncing up to only 100GB, so I am thinking of breaking my to-be-created 1TB Cryptomator vault files into 10 batches to sync and then manually cut the sync ties before I put the subsequent batch into Box Sync folder.

Are there better ways to do this, bearing in mind I am limited by my hardware OS? I heard of CyberDuck/MountainDuck, wonder if they would work better.

Thank you in advance for your help.

That sounds like a lot of effort to me.
Seems like is just not made for storage of that amount of data.
If I understand it right, your approach would need to run 10 Box accounts and switch them for syncing every 100GB part of you 1 TB local storage.
If you really want to do that, I recommend 10 separate vaults.
Please do not split the encrypted files of a large vault into several junks. I pretty confident that this will end in a mess in this setup and it will end with a bunch of encrypted files that are not accessible anymore because the vault structure is damaged.

You better try Cyberduck via Webdav, but be aware that does not support you with any Webdav issues and has known issues (read this).
But to me this sound less painful.
I recommend to search for a storage provider that allows you 1 TB storage with unlimited sync.

Thanks for your advice, Michael. My account has unlimited storage, but the amount of files I can synced is limited by my OS (Win8.1) as I have to make do with the older Box sync client called Box Sync (instead of the newer Box Drive). Hence I thought about splitting the upload into batches. All encrypted files will end up in the same Box account after uploading. In this case, I should not run into the issue with damaged vault structure even if I have only one vault, right?

Yes I will try Cyberduck. Also found this thread today where you recommended Cyberduck 4 years ago :grin:. I wonder if CyberDuck will run into any performance issue for syncing 1TB files in one go or I should break my upload into batches too. Any thoughts on that?

Technically the vault size does not matter, also not for cyberduck. But from my experience it’s better to have some small vaults instead of a big one. Because sync of big vaults will need time. But that depends strongly to your usage. For example. I have a vault with documents, and one with pictures. And I sync only the one which I know had chances.

Just out of curiosity: why don’t you Upgrade your OS? I guess the box client is not the only software that is outdated just because of your outdated OS.

Hi Michael, I thought about it before but my machine is about 8 years old and I am not sure if it’ll be too slow to run Win10, plus I never had any issues running the latest programs because of my OS (aside from Box Drive and possibly Cryptomator v1.5.x).

Edit: I will attempt Win10 upgrade this week. I have a strong reason to do it now to make sure I have optimal experience with Box+Cryptomator :grin: