Given a decrypted file, how can I know which encrypted file it corresponds to?

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I sync my vault to One Drive, which can store several versions of a given file. If one day I make a mistake when editing one of my files (e.g. Excel file), is it possible to figure out which encrypted file it corresponds to, such that I can go to OneDrive and revert to an older version?


Hi. You can’t. There’s no „list“ or function that allows to search for the encrypted version of an decrypted file.
However it is possible to guess as the timestamp of a file is not changing. So the timestamp of the encrypted files is the same as the decrypted file.
But I would not recommend messing around with the file structure of your vault. There’s a lot of potential to make mistakes and ruin the vault.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your quick reply. Just to clarify: If I “do” find the exact encrypted file (by matching the exact timestamp), are you suggesting that restoring that particular file to an older version through One Drive is not recommended?

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If you are 100% sure that you picket the correct file, then you can of course replace it with the actual file. Nothing else would be done if you restore a backup.
Its the 100% that worries me :slight_smile:
Please keep in mind, that a (decrypted) file in the fault may end up in more than one encrypted file.