Getting "An error occurred" on Android

I was affected by the Google Android update yesterday and had to reset my mobile 'phone and reinstall Cryptomator for Android that I purchased recently.

Now, I get “An error occurred” message when trying to create a new vault in One Drive or open an existing vault in One Drive.

The problem does not occur when using the MS Windows version of Cryptomator.

Any suggestions please?

Can you please enable debug mode, reproduce the problem and send us the log file?

What is the email address of the team?

You can just tap on “Send log file”: How do I enable debug mode on Android?

Yes, I have sent two bug reports. One for when I try to create new vault on One Drive and one when I try and open existing vault in One Drive. I also get the error message when I try, via the Android app, to sign out of One Drive.

Thank you for the log files.

We fixed your problem in this issue:


We’ve two problems here: The major one is that we currently allow making backups of Cryptomator for Android but e.g. the key material isn’t backed up (which is good) because it is placed in Android’s Keystore. After restoring, we try to decrypt e.g. the vault password without any key material in the Keystore which leads to exceptions.

“Fix” is to disallow creating backups until we have a real export functionality.

Workaround: Unfortunately, you will have to delete the app data or alternatively uninstall and reinstall the app. Which results in having to add the clouds and vaults back into the Android app. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Fingers crossed. I think this might have worked. Thanks. I went into Device settings and to apps and cleared the data and cache for the Cryptomator app. Not getting error message now. Do I need to amend any settings or do anything else to stop this happening again? What will cause it to happen again?

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Thanks for your feedback.

No, just not restore the app from a backup until we publish the fix in version 1.5.14 soon

Thanks again. So it seems the problem was caused by reinstalling the app from a backup. Yes?

Exactly :slight_smile:
We disabled the option to backup and restore Cryptomator in the next release version and will implement later a export/import feature that does not lead us into this dead end.