Folder empty - big problem!

I have been using Cryptomator since the end of last year with no problem - my encrypted files are on OneDrive.
I have two vaults in OneDrive - one for my work files, the other one for my personal files - I don’t think this matters but it happens that I use the same password for both.
My pc (windows 10) unexpectedly packed up two days ago so I now have a new one (still on windows 10). I thought this would be no problem as my files are on the cloud and not on my old pc’s hard drive.
I can get access to my personal files with the new pc, but for the work files, the entire folder appears as empty, which is extremely annoying. I can see on OneDrive that the encrypted work files are still there (there is over 2 gigabites of data).
This seems to be a problem others have experienced but I have not found a solution that works for me. I have made a copy of my OneDrive encrypted work files on a USB key but this does not get me anywhere - the vault still appears as empty.

Anyone’s suggestion would be much appreciated as I am completely stuck now.
Many thanks.

Hi. Have you checked this?

Yes i have seen it, but it does not really help me undestand what to do now. I still do not comprehend why I had no problem with my old pc until two days ago and am now lost with the new one.

It could be a sync problem. If Cryptomator does not find the folder structure in you vault root folder, it assumes that you have opened a new vault. In this case a „welcome“ file is created in the vault.

You can try this:
Use cyberduck to open your vault directly online and thus check if the vault is ok.
If the online vault is ok, disable your sync client, delete the local vault files of the vault that appears to be empty, delete the vault from your Cryptomator app, manually download the vault files from your online storage into the local directory where the sync client should have downloaded it (means: sync your vault but do it manually to exclude possible issues with the sync client), and add the vault again to Cryptomator.

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Many thanks Michael for the suggestion.
Bear with a beginner’s comments (I need a ‘Cryptomator/Cyberduck for dummies’).
I have installed Cyberduck - done OK;
have Opened a connection with OneDrive and pasted the authorization code when requested - done OK - the OneDrive connection works;
The problem is that I have trouble finding the vault directly online - the MyFile directory in Cyberduck is empty. I just can’t locate anything nor see where the online vault is located. I can create a new vault in cyberduck but this presumably is not what I should do - I want to get access to the existing one.
Incidentally, when you say : “delete the local vault files of the vault that appears to be empty” - how do I do this as I can see no files and where is the local directory where the sync client should have download ?
Apologies again for questions that are no doubt basic for you, but I did not anticipate that using cryptomator would lead me into this problem.
With kind regards.


Search for a folder that is named exactly like the vault you want to check. If you can’t find it with cyberduck, log into your OneDrive account via a web browser and search here. This folder name is not encrypted, so you should find it without Cryptomator.
If you have found this folder, you should see a Masterkey file (with maybe some backup files) and a folder named „d“ in it.
That is your vault.

Well you said you added an existing vault that appears to be empty. So at one point of the „adding a vault“ process, you selected the Masterkey file of your vault. Otherwise you are not able to ad an existing vault. I assume this folder to be empty (exept the Masterkey file and maybe the d folder).
I suggested to delete it because I wanted you to have a clean download. But now I recommend just to move it anywhere else. Because it seems that you are not sure about what files are local and which are online. So to avoid that you delete something you might miss later, just move it.

This depends on the settings in your OneDrive client. You can configure where you want the client to download/sync your files to.
Vice versa you have to be sure that the client contain the folder of your local vault. Otherwise none of your encrypted files are pushed to your online drive (and I’m afraid you could have missed that on your old PC and the business vault. Which would mean the files were never stored online)

Thanks Michael - this is very very helpful! Will look into this.

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