Files in Folder "m" are changing very frequently and very often

I’m using Cryptomator together with OneDrive because of my Office 365 subscription on Windows. As the OneDrive Client is not the fastest – especially with a huge number of files - I looked a bit closer what it is syncing all the time and noticed, that the files in de “m”-directory are uploaded/synced very, very often, because they “changed”. It seems they are changing although nothing happens to the content of the vault. So I wondered why these .lng-files are changing so often.

May anyone has an answer for me? Thank you very much!

Due to that post the m folder does only contain info for name shortening

So if you haven’t change anything in your vault, there should be no change to this files and no sync should be triggered.
I’m on windows with onedrive as well and never noticed an unexpected sync. But I have to admin that I did not care much about it.
I will try to reproduce this, maybe someone else has suggestions as well.

This is correct. At least in theory. I’m actually not sure of the implementation details. Metadata files are written here:

There is even a TODO comment. Related questions could be:

  • Will the metadata file be (over)written even if it already exists? My guess: Yes.
  • Could this trigger a synchronization even if nothing has changed? My guess: Depends on the sync client but it’s possible.

Maybe @overheadhunter or @markuskreusch have a take on this.

Unfortunately I have to agree with @Michael_Linz. Since he pointed this out, I have observed with versions 1.33 and Beta2, that the sync seems to lasting longer with every backup I run (feeeling). First I assumed that my backup tool is touching the files in any kind, but today I made a test.
I waited until the OneDrive sync client finished all operations (closed vault)
Then I opened the vault and just selected all folders in root -> righclick -> properties.
Then I let count the windows explorer the files for about 1 minute.
Instantly the sync client started to detect changes and began to upload. Now, after a view minutes the upload count is at over 9.000 files, still increasing. As far as I can see, all of them are lng files.

Details to my vault
encrypted: 53.003 Files, 42,4 GB
unencrypted: 13.575 Files, 39,73 GB

I’d appreciate it if someone could take another look at it.
(@overheadhunter @markuskreusch :slight_smile: )

We’ve created an issue on GitHub:

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