File permissions under Linux

Hi there,

is it possible to change file permissions for a file within a tresor? I.e. "chmod ug+x ".
I’m using fuse, not WebDav (I know, there is no chance on WebDav to change file permissions)

I’m using cryptomator V 1.4.0 under Linux Mint 19.

Thanks for you help,

Greetings helmut

yes, it should be possible.

OK, you’re right. I forgot to mention, that I asked the question, because it didn’t work.

I tried to change an files permission by typing “chmod ug+x file”, but nothing happended, the permissions remained, as they where before.
The tresor is located on a usb stick, formatted with ext4.

Yes, I see also that permissions are not updated. Analysis is difficult because of the slow performance of 1.4.0 (other story that has been reported elsewhere).

I back up my photos using rsync into the tresor. In a lot of cases, the permissions of backup and original are not identical. So the next rsync run tries to update the permissions, but to no effect.

Using strace, I see many calls like this:
lstat(“foo/bar/DSCN1164.JPG”, {st_mode=S_IFREG|0644, st_size=2427813, …}) = 0
chmod(“foo/bar/DSCN1164.JPG”, 0666) = 0

The original has indeed permissions 0666, but the chmod call does not change that. Neither does a manual chmod in the shell.