[Feature Request] Official support for a built-in recycle bin

Hi to everyone on the forum.

For both a personal and business use case, but especially in a business setting, I believe a recycle bin is a must.

Currently data can be lost forever by a simple mistake, with no real way to reverse it in the following second when you realize what you’ve done. I don’t believe it’s reasonable to break out backup files every time an employee, home or other type of user accidentally deletes a file, and sometimes backups don’t exist. There’s a lot of reasonable reasons for backups to be absent.

In my mind a hidden folder inside the vault location, which can be access through the Cryptomator UI would be a fantastic solution. A recycle bin button in the Cryptomator Vault UI would open an otherwise hidden folder in the vault. This would remove many problems I can see existing across OS’s and virtual drive/volume types.

I hope the Cryptomator team would consider this, as it will be a life saver for many users, even if rare for power users.

I agree with this. Lack of Recycle Bin support in Cryptomator is one of two reasons I (very reluctantly) decided to pay for an AxCrypt subscription.

The recycle bin is just a folder that your files are moved to when you hit delete. Currently Cryptomator has no trouble with dealing folders and layers of folders, so this seems to be a system integration issue. It needs to let the file managers know that the drive it emulated supports recycle bin and instruct it to move the file over when you hit delete.