[Feature Request] iOS App: image thumbnails

Hi all,
I’m new to cryptomator and I recently purchased the iOS APP and checking it out.
It works linke a charm and I don’t have any problems yet.

But I would like to mention a suggestion for further Development.
I thought about if this is a good suggestion because I thinks this can cause a lot of traffic, but I decided to suggest it nevertheless because it bothered me at yesterdays party.

Actually User has to click and download a file to view it. Every File is shown with its filename. So far so good.
I have more than 10.000 pictures in my vault. Yesterday I tried to find 1 specific. It was in a folder with nearly 300 images. As there are no thumbnails at the filenames, I had to klick every single file, download it, opened it, find out that this is not the one I was looking for. Maybe there might be a way to have thumbnails for image files.

From a security point of view it might be no good idea to store these thumbnails at the phone (is it?).
As far as I can see this would mean a thumbnail download every time the vault is open (here we are at the traffic issue)
Or there might be a better solution, so I’m kindly requesting this issue :slight_smile:

Kind regards


Thank you for your suggestion! Same here, we have a feature request open for this on GitHub. :grin:

It’s true that client-side encryption makes this very tricky. In my opinion, not because of security but because of network traffic. Caching will probably be a prerequisite for thumbnails.

Again, thank you for that quick reply.
Further on I will have a look at github first :slight_smile: