iOS App Design Flaws

There are 2 design flaws in the iOS app:

1. Thumbnails
The only way to view files inside the vault is in a “list” manner. If the vault contains images/videos, the list view is practically useless as it doesn’t show a thumbnail of the image/video.
Solution suggestion: Implement a thumbnail view, like the one in the iOS Photos app, and let users choose between list/thumbnail view. This feature would also make the app way more appealing to a bigger audience.
Also, 3D Touch file preview (where possible) would be amazing.

2. Select
I wanted to delete about 20 files inside the iOS app, but I realized there’s no easy way to do this.
Currently, there doesn’t seem to be a way to select more than one file. I think this is a major design flaw and should be implemented as well.

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I totally agree with you. Both topics are already named here in this board and on github. For further infos and discussion please use these topics.

Board: [Feature Request] iOS App: image thumbnails
GitHub: Add thumbnails and grid view - ios #73

Multi Select
Board: [Feature Request] iOS App: multiple file selection and processing
GitHub: Perform action on multiple items at once (aka. multiselect) ios - ios #52

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