[Feature Request]: Automatic logout on inactivity

I just though about a feature that may be desirable (I just wanted to use it).

How about a timeout where the vault automatically locks after some specified time of inactivity… or even regardless of activity.

We have an open feature request here:

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I would also appreciate to have automatic log out options based in inactivity, screensaver activation, … Can you please implement them for Mac OS, too?

Thank you.
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Hi Developpers,

any news on that topic?

Thank you.
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To keep it short: No.
For updates, check the github issue from time to time.

Yes, this would be perfect!

Hi everybody
An autolock feature seems ESSENTIAL for such a security tool, on Windows, MacOS, Android or IOS.
It exists for a long time in few competitors, even old and famous competitors like TrueCrypt.
I hope you will implement it ASAP

I agree that,
i wish ether a global option “auto-logout after ‘n’ Minutes”
(I think this should be easy to programming),
or these option in every vault for individual auto-logouts.
For security reason i think this is a “must have”.

When a document is open at logout-time these doc is still visible,
but the rest of the vault is save.

Me too, would really appreciate an auto-dismount after x minutes of inactivity.
Like it’s implemented in Microsoft’s OneDrive personal vault for example