Excessive vault weight

The weight of my vault is far greater than the size of the files I’ve copied into it.

My 1 terra ssd is almost full with less than 100 GB of data.

Do you have an explanation?


Welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

How do you determine the size of your vault? From within the unloked vault or from the encrypted files and folders on storage?

Cryptomators encryption is transparent, i.e. it only counts the encrypted files. If the size of the unlocked vault differs signifcantly from its storage side value, you might have lost directories due to sync issues (see Directory Lost: How to restore missing Directories?)

Hello infeo, thank you for your reply. In fact, I’ve almost filled my SSD (880GB out of 1TB) even though the volume of data on my laptop is less than 300GB and I haven’t copied everything to the SSD.