Excel files don't open in storage. Excel hangs, I close forcibly. These фалы not storage normally open. mac m1

cryptomator does not open the excel d files storage, hangs also all mac m1

A view more details could help to help you.
Any messages in the log file with a WARN or an ERROR tag?
What exactly does “not open the excel d file storage” mean.
What do you do, what happens and what do you expect should happen?

cryptomator0.log (153.9 KB)

in attempt to open the excel file in storage, excel hangs, and finishes work with a mistake if I copy the same file in finder, excel tuj will open without problems. Word works correctly.

Excel files don’t open in storage. Excel hangs, help. Mac M1

cryptomator0.log (1.7 MB)

No need to open the same topic twice. I merged them.

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Do you use Fuse-T and have you updated it to the latest version?

I use, I updated to the last version.

Help somebody, when using fuse-t excel hangs, numders opens the file normally, reinstalled three times already everything.