Error 0x8007045D preventing me from renaming, moving, and deleting files in vault

I have a FUSE Cryptomator vault in a pCloud drive that I access from 3 different devices (an Android phone phone, a Win 10 Pro desktop, and a Win 10 Pro laptop).

One day I noticed that modifications I made to two particular files (we will call them x-file and y-file) on my desktop or phone would correctly update between the desktop and the phone, but they were not getting updated on my laptop. I’m not sure if it is because x-file and y-file were open on my laptop when Windows decided to apply and update and reboot the laptop, or perhaps it was something else I’m not aware of.

Curiously however, if I modified x-file or y-file on my laptop, the files would get updated on the phone and desktop.

In other words, the laptop could push modifications made to x-file and y-file to the Cryptomator vault in pCloud, but the laptop is unable to pull modifications (made by the desktop or phone) from the vault in pCloud.

As I started conducting experiments I noticed duplicates of x-file and y-file appear on the laptop, with the exact same filename and the exact same outdated modification date. The phone and desktop however still correctly showed only one x-file and one y-file.

From the desktop I decided to move x-file a y-file to a new folder. When I went to the laptop to see what happened, one x-file and one y-file now correctly appears in the same folder the desktop moved the files to and with the correct modification date finally attached to the files. However, one outdated version of x-file and one of y-file still remain in the old folder location on the laptop.

When I attempt to delete the old files I get an 0x8007045D error. Specifically the error reads “An unexpected error is keeping you from deleting the file… Error 0x8007045D: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.”

I also get the same error if I try to rename the files or move the files to a different folder.

What can I do to delete these files?

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