Enter the password, open the safe, the pop-up folder is empty

Hello, please help me, thank you.
Enter the password, open the safe, the pop-up folder is empty.
Maybe the files aren’t complete. But from the size of the file, it should be all.
Can I get my papers back? He’s important.
My email ji7537123@126.com, who helped me?
thank you.thank you.thank you.

Hi @Aaron2! I’m very sorry that you’re having trouble and for the late response from us in an urgent matter. Not sure why the system thought your topics were spam but I’d like to help you!

Could you please enable debug mode (please read the topic carefully) and send the log file to support@cryptomator.org (after you’ve unlocked the vault and it’s empty)? It’s located here: %appdata%/Cryptomator/cryptomator.log

Again: Please send it via email and don’t post the log file here if you’ve enabled debug mode.

I’ve noticed in your screenshot that your vault is called “null”. Is that on purpose? If it’s the technical null, maybe you have to give your vault a name (before unlocking, click on “More Options” and give it a drive name). Maybe it’s not relevant to the issue, it’s just something I’ve noticed.

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