Encryption for automatic backup?

I love Cryptomator and use it on all my laptops and iOS. However, I’m looking into purchasing a backup solution besides just locally to an HDD and the cloud storage I do use w/ Cryptomator is things like google drive/one drive’s free solutions-great for a few important files, but hardly a backup (I’m looking into something like Backblaze or iDrive.) I’d prefer to use something like pCloud but file syncing apps aren’t really made for full backups (and are much more expensive.) I have used webDAV to create a vault there but it’s not automatic and I’m not looking to manually upload/encrypt 500 gb of data. I’ve seen the Cryptomator server ad but I’m just a regular home user. Does anyone use something like Backblaze w/ local encryption before it reaches their servers? Is it possible? Thanks.

I explained here how I do my backups in combination with cryptomator automatically.

Maybe this works for you as well.

You might want to try out SpideroakOne

Great way to create encrypted backup of several computers.

I use Degoo, it comes with 100Gb free, but it is very easy to win more space, just watching ad

Enjoy !!

Do you have the webdav address to use with Degoo? I’m looking to switch over, but need to access it from my mobile devices.