Downloading Android .apk without Google Play Store

I’ve seen this question asked here before, and I’ve searched for it elsewhere, but I can’t seem to find a clear answer.

I want to use Cryptomator on Lineage OS without any Google apps (i.e. no Google Play Services either). The only option I know of to get the .apk without the store is through something like Yalp or Aptiode. I don’t trust Aptiode (and I would have to buy the app again) and I’ve read that logging in with my own account through Yalp could get me suspended.

I’ve paid for the app already through the Play Store, but I want to know if there is a way to download the .apk without it to install by myself. I could technically use an .apk extractor, but that would mean not having an updated version in the future to address bugs and security issues.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks to the developers for making such an amazing piece of software!

edit: I’m aware that the developers had a link that could be used to download it, but I tried said link and had no success.

No, there actually no other way than the playstore.
The team is actually evaluating other distribution channels, but so far there no other option.

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Good to know. Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Michael, I have the same situation as darkrabbitwarren, where I previously purchased Cryptomator but can no longer use it after adopting Lineage OS. I encourage your evaluation of other distribution channels.

Hi and welcome in the community :wave: !

We’re currently implementing the server part which creates and distributes the licenses but the Android side is ready for shipping: Cryptomator app without Google Play

Please stay tuned :slight_smile: .

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Thank you for the quick reply. This is very welcome news! I’d be glad to help you test the new distribution process if you need help.

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