Do I need macFUSE if my Cryptomator needs are simple?

Hi there, I apologise if this post is in the wrong section of the forum - I’m new here.

When installing Cryptomator I have been prompted to download FUSE as recommended by the team, in order to enable certain functions offered by the software to be performed effectively.

I’m not too tech savvy and don’t really understand what it is that FUSE does, but I’m reluctant to download additional software if Cryptomator by itself is sufficient.

My needs are basic, I use MacOS and iOS and I only need to use Cryptomator to encrypt certain files in OneDrive, to be read and accessible onto my MacBook and my iPhone via Cryptomator on the App Store. I’m pretty much fully into the Apple ecosystem and have no Windows devices.

Based on my above needs, do I need FUSE? Will Cryptomator’s encryption, or my app functionality be impaired if I don’t have it?

Sorry if these questions are ridiculous - as I mentioned earlier I’m not too tech savvy.


If you do not want to install fuse, Cryptomator will use WebDAV as volume type.
WebDAV has limitations.

Thank you, Michael. If performance is likely to be impaired, can I confirm that FUSE is trustworthy? If I’m not mistaken it is open source, but does it collect sensitive data from my computer, etc?