Desktop 1.4.10 will not start

Recently updated to 1.4.10. Seemed OK.

Now Cryptomator will not start, no errors. 64bit ver.

Have uninstalled and re-install now same problem. Have tried old versions, no difference.

What operating system are you on? Can you send us log files via PN (e.g. attach them via Firefox Send)?

I am using windows 10. There appears to be no/I cannot find a log file.

You should at least be able to see the previous log files (from before you updated to 1.4.10).

Just copy and paste %APPDATA%/Cryptomator/ to your Windows Explorer address bar.

I have thoroughly searched and there are none.

Then I suspect something else is wrong. Maybe some “cleanup” utility did its job a bit too enthusiasticly?

Strangley I installed on another HD “G:” and it installed and runs OK. Just have to setup vaults again.

Thanks for sharing your solution, but still this is a bit of an odd problem that I can’t explain… :smiley: