Decryptable due to an unauthentic ciphertext

Recently I’ve moved all Cryptomator folders from google drive to Onedrive, after importing the vault some folders and files disappeared.
I saw a lot of errors in the log.

22:06:34.514 [Thread-10207] INFO o.c.cryptofs.ConflictResolver - Found valid Base32 string, which is an unauthentic ciphertext: D:\OneDrive\Vault\d\R6\MMLGKWKR4LR6CYGQE4WK5Q6M6JCFFZ\7GODNEW6XBQUF5XE556Y37D76L3YRAD62VPCIMVDH44OZWAKYX
22:06:34.514 [Thread-10207] WARN o.c.cryptofs.CryptoDirectoryStream - D:\OneDrive\Vault\d\R6\MMLGKWKR4LR6CYGQE4WK5Q6M6JCFFZ\7GODNEW6XBQUF5XE556Y37D76L3YRAD62VPCIMVDH44OZWAKYX not decryptable due to an unauthentic ciphertext.

Currently I’m using the last Cryptomator version also tried older versions and from the mobile same problem.

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