Cryptomator vaults sync with folder compare software like winmerge


I use folder compare software like Winmerge and Meld to keep certain folders in sync with an USB device.

I was wondering, is this also useable to compare a locked cryptomator vault folder (where the Masterkey, vault.cryptomator and all encrpyted subfolders are located) with the same locked folder on a USB device?

Reason: I have a few rather large cryptomator folders. If i would copy - paste the entire folders each tome to back them up to the USB, it would be very time consuming (e.g. a a full day of copying everything over each time. Even when editing 1 small thing inside the vault)

Vault name on windows: Vault1
Vault Foldername: Vault1Folder
Vault1 has 1 Document and 1 photo in it.

On windows i have the Vault1Folder. Within that folder all cryptomator files are there (masterkey, vault.cryptomator, the encrypted files)

On the USB i have copied the entire Vault1Folder to the USB so its now identical with all files.

Let say i would add 2 new photos to the vault on windows, i would remove the photo that was already in it and MOST IMPORTANTLY i add a few lines of text to the document. This means some or all of the encrypted files within the Vault1Folder are changing (names,sizes and such) i am assuming.

Now i run comparing software to compare the folder on windows and the folder on the USB. Would i be able to copy the changes to finds to the USB and every change i made on the windows folder (including the lines of text added within the document) are also withing the USB vault?

I hope my question is clear with this example. I hope to hear from you all. Thanks in Advance

Yes that’s possible.
And you can also just compare your files in your vault on windows with the content of your vault on the USB drive. This is how I do my backups. (See here: What tool do you use to automatically unlock your cryptomator vault and sync the files in your vault with the local copies of those files?)

This way you do not need to deal with the encrypted files.

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Thank you for your reply.

I was going to reply that unlocking both vaults and do the compare would be much more timeconsuming instead of just comparing the encrypted files within the vault location folder but then i read the other reply you mentioned in the link and are interested to see this could be done fully automatic.

Anyway thank you for the reply and suggestion. Good to know this can be done with the encrypted files but that this can also be done with unlocking the vaults and compare them automatically!

I am not sure I understood your needs exactly but you might find Synchredible software (free for private use) to be useful for syncing changes between two folders, even more so if you want to run the sync manually when you are happy with the changes you made to your files.

You might have to set your virtual drive letters to be constant depending on what you want to sync.