Cryptomator Vault in OneDrive directly (not local OneDrive)?

As long time user of this awesome tool I’m struggeling mounting a local Cryptomator Vault for OneDrive directly in the Microsoft cloud.
I don’t want to waste my local diskspace but mount a cryptomator vault in OneDrive.
Is that possible at all?

Hi. Not with the cryptomator app.
But you can use this 3rd party tool, which has cryptomator functions integrated:

Or you can use OneDrives file-on-demand function, together with the cryptomator app. This will also reduce the needed local space

Thanks for your fast answer.

Cyberduck unfortunalety isn’t very reliable/stable. Copy action often are interrupted so thats exactly why I’m searching for a solution.

I use cyberduck’s companion: mountainduck.
It works very well.

But 39.- USD and then I additonally need Cryptomator for encrypting and another Sync-Tool.
If cyberduck would do its job stable and sync as well this would be my swiss army knife.
By the way I’ve a registered version of cyberduck but was very disappointed working with OneDrive (private).

Yea, I also took a while to make the purchase, and then I regretted not having bought it sooner…

But I understood that you wanted to use it directly in the cloud, and not sync. Anyway, the sync tool is already “included” in your cloud storage subscription, right?

In my case it’s mountainduck. I have folders mounted from google drive, backblaze b2 and various providers with S3 standard.

Corollary: if you have a tool that integrates with onedrive and you are having problems, the cause is always onedrive… :laughing:

rclone with a onedrive remote + cryptomator

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holy crap! I just (re)discovered cryptomator and this is brilliant for what I want to do!

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