Cryptomator update asking to install openjdk

I’m on Linux and cryptomator is trying to install a 1GB openjdk update. It works just fine without it, do I really need a 1GB program installed for it to work “better”? What is the necessity for this all of a sudden anyways?

Cryptomator is trying to install a 1GB openjdk java runtime environment in its update. It has always worked just fine without it, do I really need this large update installed for it to work “better”? What is the necessity for this addonall of a sudden anyways? Thanks for helping!

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Hi Michael, how can I change what category my post goes to? I realized there may have been a better section to ask my question. Also, where can I read about this java runtime update that cryptomator is attempting?


You are in the right category for your issue.
I am not aware of a forced Java update (at least I didn’t notice with the last updated), but I am also not on Linux.
So I can’t give you an answer to your question. Maybe some Linux user jumps in here.

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Is there anywhere on the site or anywhere else that can explain in the notes why they’re forcing a java app to get installed? Maybe an engineer email I can reach out to? I never had to put this runtime environment before. Thank you

Cryptomator is a java app. But it packages its own java virtual machine, so there is no additional, system wide JDK installed.

If you are on Arch linux and use the cryptomator package, the latest JDK needs to be used (and hence downloaded). But only for build, it is not configured to be used globally.

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I have had crytomator installed for months now and it never asked for this huge jdk java instance before. Now every time I do a system update crytomator asks me to install this. I refuse and everything continues to work as it should. So you’re saying to go ahead and ignore it? It’s just annoying and I have no idea how to make it stop asking.


I would try uninstalling Cryptomator software, then run apt update, apt upgrade.
Then, reinstall cryptomator.

I have some vaults with no recovery key. I do know the password though. Will it be able to connect to my old vaults on a new install?

Yes. You only need the password and the masterkey file to open your vaults. You can add an existing vault to your new installation. The recovery key is only used if you forgot your password.

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Personally, I keep my vaults on a server and access them from several machines. All you need is the password. It is always a good idea to create a recovery key in the beginning though.

After the reinstallation instead of choosing new Vault you will choose an existing vault and navigate to the directory where the encrypted Vault file is and look for the master key and follow the instructions.

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