Cryptomator trying to spy on me?

Cryptomator just tried to request access to my keystrokes on MacOS Catalina. It’s like it wants to keylog me.

Screenshot: cryptomator%20requesting%20keystrokes


The problem here is Apple and their shoddy execution on Catalina. In the Cryptomator manual, it states, “The settings are displayed using the gear button on the lower right corner of the vault list. Mac users may also use the cmd+, shortcut.” Ergo, any Mac app that makes use of keyboard shortcuts will trigger this misleading warning. Using Catalina is reminding me of Windows Vista; too many nags and FUD security alerts

Yeah, I must admit that I’m still holding on to updating to Catalina (things like this make me anxious). :confused: But it looks like that shortcuts still work even without that permission:

I have no idea why JavaFX requests that permission (as mentioned in the other topic). :frowning_face: