Cryptomator requesting keyboard input monitoring on Mac

Hi everyone, I am new to Cryptomator and this forum.
Recently I have installed Cryptomator on my Mac. When I was creating a new vault, I suddenly received a warning from macOS that Cryptomator was requesting to monitor my keyboard input (which I rejected immediately). Afterwards Cryptomator seemed to work fine without any other issues.
I am wondering why Cryptomator needs to monitor my keyboard input. (According to macOS, giving it the permission to do so would mean that it can detect my input even when I am using other apps.) Is it because there are some sort of system-wide hotkeys associated with Cryptomator? Otherwise, I really can’t think of other reasons that it needs such permission. I would be grateful if someone can answer this question, thanks.

Note: I am using macOS Catalina beta, which has a new privacy setting that requires user to give explicit permission before an app can monitor the user’s keyboard input activity.

No, Cryptomator does not register any system-wide shortcuts and there should be no reason to ask for such a permission. You’re right in denying such a request.

@tobihagemann Did you notice this prompt, too? Maybe we can add an entitlements file to better control what permissions macOS is asking for?

Not sure if I noticed that prompt. I noticed a lot of prompts but that’s just how Catalina is. Will look into it because “keyboard input monitoring” is definitely unexpected.

Indeed, Catalina asks for keyboard access.
The app seems to work without it (with another issue, for which I’ll create another thread)

It looks like an upstream issue in JavaFX:

Oh my… :confused: