Cryptomator only offers WebDAV on macOS Catalina

Cryptomator does not offer to use FUSE on my MacBook Pro running macOS 10.15 (19A602). Therefore I am limited to WebDAV. Interestingly Cryptomator does use FUSE on my iMac (now running the latest Catalina, but it did work with version 19A602 on the iMac). I tried to deinstall FUSE and Cryptomator, restartet the MacBook, Installed FUSE, did another reboot and installed Cryptomator. Only WebDAV is offered.

macOS 10.15 (19A602) Catalina
Cryptomator Version 1.4.16 (1447)
FUSE for macOS Version 3.10.3

I tried installing FUSE for macOS with and without MacFUSE support, that made no difference in respect to get FUSE as an option.

Does this help?