Cryptomator native JavaScript implementation (prototype)


I really like the idea of Cryptomator and am an avid user of the macOS and iOS apps. I thought it would be cool to have a version of Cryptomator completely running in the browser using JavaScript.

So I’ve built a native implementation of the Cryptomator vault format in JavaScript and added a Vue.js based front end to work with vaults located on S3 and other storage providers. This would enable me to work with my vault from anywhere in the world only using a browser.

As no middleware back end service is needed, the JavaScript implementation could be hosted next to the vault on S3 or on any other static website hosting service. All the cryptographic operations are run in the browser, so no keys are leaked to any third parties.

A small screencast and the prototype code can be found here:

Others already thought about the same. So maybe there is demand for a browser based version?

I’d love to hear your feedback on this. Could this be something useful?

Thanks Marc


Wow, this looks very promising! I can imagine many scenarios where this can be useful.

Besides other storage providers, maybe one could add a “local files” provider. Not sure if this works with browser’s security measures, but if compiling this to a single html file and putting it next to the vault, it would allow access without the need to install new software.

Have you decided on a license yet?

Let us know, if you need help with anything!

Thanks for your feedback. I’ve done a little research on wether you can access the file system via browser and it seems to work in recent Chrome based browsers. I’m not quite sure if this is enough to use the entire Cryptomator feature set, but it should be possible.

Did you have any plans in the past for a Cryptomator Web-UI? I’m not quite sure, what a useful application would be. Bundling as a single file together with a vault or offering a web based Cryptomator like I’m open for any ideas :slight_smile:

I always wanted something like a “cryptomator server”. A service that offers an interface (webdav, ftp, https) to the user, encrypts the data transparently and stores the file to some cloud hoster.
Currently I have the issue that cryptomator is not available for all devices and I cant use it to, for example, encrypt QNAP backups.

Even though your service does not offer any such interface, its a huge step in that direction. If I had experience with javascript I would probably implement it myself :grin:

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