Cryptomator keep stopping when i downloaded thousands of files

I did everything. i kept my screen on, i was charging my phone, and i set Cryptomator not entering to power saving mode.

but always failing. i cannot download thousands of files. when i try to download again, because of ‘0 byte files’, it always start downloading from first file.

what should i do?

Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator community :slightly_smiling_face:,

Can you please enable debug mode, reproduce the problem and send us the log file? How do I enable debug mode on Android?

Hello @SailReal ,
Just sent a E-mail via Protonmail.

Thanks for your log!

The interesting part is

OkHttp	--> GET!56325:/dttKL7ln836kJq55p3-Rrii1rGVcxNeExIupgXVVuZvi6gQ%3D.c9r: http/1.1 (unknown length)
OkHttp	--> END GET
Progress	DOWNLOAD 0%
OkHttp	<-- 401 Unauthorized!56325:/dttKL7ln836kJq55p3-Rrii1rGVcxNeExIupgXVVuZvi6gQ%3D.c9r: (69ms)
OkHttp	<-- END HTTP
DownloadFilesUseCase	failed 79ed0b38
ExceptionHandler	Unexpected error
org.cryptomator.domain.exception.authentication.WrongCredentialsException: Authentication failed
OkHttp	--> GET http/1.1 (unknown length)
OkHttp	--> END GET
AssertUnlockedUseCase	started 79ed0b45
AssertUnlockedUseCase	finished 79ed0b45
OkHttp	<-- 401 Unauthorized (193ms)
OkHttp	<-- END HTTP
OkHttp	--> GET http/1.1 (unknown length)
OkHttp	--> END GET
OkHttp	<-- 200 OK (441ms)
OkHttp	<-- END HTTP

Need to check the code but from looking into the log it seems that the token expired while downloading files, but doesn’t get refreshed automatically but throws an authentication failed error which triggers the refresh of the token but also aborts the download. Will have a look at it next week, thank your for reporting it!

Thank you for checking, i am waiting updates!

@SailReal Hello sir, any update yet?