Cryptomator ios file upload stuck at waiting

So, I have 126 new images … cryptomator 2 ios camera upload with shortcut ran and only ~8 files uploaded and the rest stuck at ‘waiting…’
Happened with onedrive and then i switched to google drive( to test whether it’s due to onedrive), got the same result. (majority files stuck at waiting status while some files successfully uploaded)
i tried removing the vault and readd it (didn’t help), removing the connection and readd the connection before adding the vault again, didn’t help.
Weird thing is my boxcryptor nightly upload succesfully uploaded those 126 images without any issue.

i wonder if file upload implemented differently than in boxcryptor since there is no issue on the other side. I know boxcryptor is closed source, so we have no way of finding out how they implemented it.

I have been a paid customer of boxcryptor for the past 4-5 years and recently bought the cryptomator ios.

So far everything else work wonderfully except the camera upload that’s kind of hit and miss. Not sure if it’s due to incompatibility of certain cloud provider with the way cryptomator handle the file upload?

What’s the recommended storage that you guys using without any issue for camera upload?

Thank you and happy new year!

Hi all,

I noticed a similar problem which is really boring. After transfering 1 or 2 files to the cloud the process stops. In the file app I notice “waiting”. Trying to restart the transfer results in nothing but the fact that the file in the cloud is 2.1 MB or 20%. Restart is not possible.

By unmounting the vault the process is temporarily fixed.

Any idea? workaround?

Best regards


I probably have the same problems. Here is my description in german:

Hi all,

I retested WebDAV with the newest App Store version (2.4.6). All works fine!

Thanks a lot to everyone involved in the fixing!


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